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Apr 21.2022
New upgrade of visual effect experience LED indoor full --color aluminum chassis module series
Aluminum bottom shell mate
Aluminum bottom shell material is adopted, which is not affected by temperature and does not deform; High density interconnection PCB, stable circuit, 94u V-O flame retardant and safer; The thickness of the module is only 10mm, ultra-thin and ultra stable; Heat dissipation coefficient increases; 320*160mm/320*180mm two sizes, to meet the needs of multiple scenes.

High refresh rate and fine display effect
The display screen with low refresh rate is not only unable to face camera, camera and other equipment, but also the stroboscopic will cause discomfort and fatigue to the human eyes in serious cases. The refresh rate of high-tech indoor full-color products can reach more than 3840hz, the display effect is closer to the real environment, and the picture is more delicate and lifelike; With the mature point by point brightness correction technology, the dynamic picture display is uniform and the playback effect is natural and smooth.
High gray level, rich and full color
The gray level of LED display screen refers to the brightness of LED display screen. The color of the dark part of the image displayed in high gray scale will still be clearly displayed. The color scale of the picture is very smooth, and the overall color display effect is clearer and bright. Insufficient grayscale will lead to insufficient color level or insufficient smoothness of gradient color, so that the color of the picture cannot be fully displayed.
The gray scale of high-tech indoor full-color products is up to 14bit/16bit, presenting a more delicate effect and clearer texture, bringing you a high texture picture.
The ink color is consistent, flat and smooth without ghost
High tech LED indoor full-color module, with good consistency of the whole screen, flat surface, uniform ink color, can realize seamless splicing, and the picture is natural and smooth without dragging, further improving the user's visual experience.
It has a wide range of applications and meets a variety of scenarios
It can be used in prominent positions in command and dispatching center, security monitoring room, conference room, studio, stadium, city square, school, airport, station, real estate and other indoor places, and can display text, charts, images, videos, etc.


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