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Apr 10.2022
GKGD • Six advantages of outdoor screen • The strength is on the scene!
Outdoor LED displays are often affected by severe weather such as high temperature, strong wind, heavy rain, and thunder. The changeable weather environment and complex regional environment have greatly tested the comprehensive performance of outdoor large screens. Outdoor LED screen that can withstand the "baptism" of nature are reliable and good products that can continue to create value for users. 
GKGD outdoor display screen escort users to use with peace of mind, six advantages are as followed. 
1. Self-encapsulated lamp beads
GKGD outdoor led modules use self-encapsulated lamp beads, frosted surface, and five-sided brushing, which have high contrast and consistency.
2. New driver IC
Equipped with a new driver IC, low energy consumption and high refresh rate.
3. Professional waterproof technology
Professional waterproof technology, further improve waterproof and moisture-proof performance, easily adapt to various climates in the north and south.
4. Exclusive customized service
Customized services for various configurations of lamp beads and ICs can be provided.
5. Wide range of applications
Used in stadiums, squares, tourism and entertainment, road traffic, stations, communities, schools, hospitals and other outdoor places.
Outdoor LED display case

Outdoor P3 light pole screen in Yunnan Province(1)

Outdoor P4 led screen in Sichuang Province(2)

Outdoor P6 led screen in Gansu Province(3)
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