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Mar 15.2021
The GKGD Outdoor P8 LED Display Project Of Wenzhou Hotel In Hotan City

The LED display project of Wenzhou Hotel in Hotan City, Xinjiang was successfully completed. 

The project was installed by GKGD's distributors.


The LED Screen covers an area of 45 square meters. The LED display screen is designed in an arc shape according to the arc appearance of the hotel. It uses the GKGD outdoor P8 full-color LED display screen.


Once the screen was lit, its delicate images, smooth playback effects, high-definition and lifelike pictures immediately conquered everyone present.


This hotel integrates food, leisure, and entertainment, and in addition, this screen is in a prime position, it also allows the publicity advertisements played on the LED display to increase the audience coverage and bring good advertising effects to customers.


The application areas of LED display products include:

Multifunctional conference hall LED display, Stage LED display screen, Radio and TV project LED display screen, Theater LED electronic screen display, Conference and exhibition LED electronic display, Hotel LED display, Exhibition LED display.

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